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by 10 Bowling

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10 bowling EP copyright 2016 ayyy


released August 23, 2016



all rights reserved


10 Bowling England, UK

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Track Name: Bowling Nigga
(bowling and wholesome fun are the prime attraction)

bowling bowling nigga bowling
pop pop bowl nigga pop
bowling rolling bowling nigga nigga
bowl all day and rolling
bowling and bowling and rolling
and nigga nigga bowling nigga

(bowling and wholesome fun are the prime attraction)

when i bowl i only strike 10
when do i lose? never
(10 bowling)

fuck skittles

(bowling and wholesome fun are the prime attraction)
(bowling and wholesome fun are the prime attraction)
bowling nigga

what rhyms with bowl?
thats right grommit, niggas
(10 bowling)

fuck them skittles nigga

(bowling and wholesome fun are the prime attraction)

10 bowling is the original bowling G
(bowling nigga)
the original bowling VIP, master of bowl
bowling nigga bowling

fuck them skittles nigga

(bowling and wholesome fun)

bitches see me bowling
see my rolling
ball up in the hood, niggas drop like skittles
fuck them fake ass bowling bitches
9 pin bowling bitches
fuck them ski bowl bitches
nigga, 10 bowling nigga
bowling nigga bowling

(bowling and wholesome fun are the prime attraction)
bowling nigga
(bowling and wholesome fun are the prime attraction)
bowling nigga
Track Name: Big Baller Shot Caller
10 bowlings back nigga
ready to bowl
bowling time
never bowled like 10 bowling bowls
knocking pins down
gives me bowling crime
bowling bitches
other bowling establishments?
nigga fuck you
bowling nigga bowling

my rhymes are like lemons and limes
so fresh its like im commiting crimes
go bowling fucking rolling some balls
knocking down pins like
pop pop pop
down the holes nigga

niggas dont know my game
niggas only know my name
10 bowling show a g how its done
bowling nigga bowling
fucking get bowled scum

they call me the big baller shot caller
motherfucking big bowler pin faller
knocking down motherfuckers
smacking down motherfuckers

niggas answer to 10, no other nigga
snitches fuck about 10 bowling
fucking niggers get bowled

when im bowling in the alley
all other niggers enter death valley
out bowling the freshest G
wait fuck, forgot, thats me
10 bowling master of bowl
bow L I N G

scared of 10 bowling
no scheming ball is ready
fuck about 10 bowling and you better be going steady
ill bowl you into place
bowling ball to the face
10 bowling is king of the alley

no political ralley
no democracy for bowling
10 is here to stay
fuck about and betray me and this will be youre last bowling day
Track Name: (Don't) Bowl Without Me
still rolling with the freshest g
like moses tear apart the bowling sea
waters forced away
niggas stay away
aint gonna get 10 bowling down
this niggas a clown

cleanest shoes, buffered floors
strike one, strike two, strike three, strike four
nigga we players
but the bowls no game
get out my way before i put you to shame

when i go out bowling
niggas scatter
i sense the fear, the clatter
the noise of the pins
the sound of the wind
no remorse, no regrets
a nigga mess with 10 bowling
bitch its going to become a mess

come on i aint here for trouble
just bowling no violence
other niggas start the problems
i aint got no worries
cooking up great strikes
spicey like good curries

but then they come and fuck around
say 10 bowling cant bowl, cant roll
a nigga just come to chill
but now a niggas gotta kill