Words of a Bowler

by 10 Bowling

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released April 30, 2017



all rights reserved


10 Bowling England, UK

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Track Name: You Aint Shit
in the deepest darkest depths of the alley
you will find me
readying up for bowling some balls

in the front of the pins youll spot me
knocking down pins

bitch, the ball spins

its crazy seeing the kids out here
they cower, they fear
they say "fuck its ten bowling, we gotta get out of here"

you see its clear you dont know who youre fucking with
so you get one chance
dont fucking bowl against me
or ill crush you like ants

fucking with me isnt fucking for free
bowling with me the original g

pressure like a gas canisters
nigga youre gonna want to revise
the parameters for the ultimate bowl, the craziest swing, the masterful pinfall
are you listening all, dont fuck with me or youll be making a call

fuck, i warned you
dont say i didnt warn you

now its time for payback
nigga will be crawling on the floor with a brokenback
watching films like brokeback
gotta give the pins he stole back
dont come up to me and give me smack
this is what happens when you think youre a bigshot
but you aint shit you a babies snack
Track Name: King of Bowling
10 bowling
i do bowl
balls i roll
on my payroll
i just stroll
down the hole
its my goal
master control

when i bowl you dont know whats coming

yes you do
its a strike
quite ghostlike
didnt see me

on your bike
you got psyched
monkey like
you cannot bowl

im ready
time to go
they dont know
whats to show

stacks of dough
crazy flow
never slow
rolling so fast

now i pop
niggas below
full ammo
come and try me

single blow
streamlined flow
defending my name

you dont see
what hits you
something new
struck like the pins

look at me
straight up g
youll agree
i am the king

thus the king
does not mess
this aint chess
this is bowling

i bestow
unto you
the gift of skill
knock the pins down

use it wise
else your demise
ill terrorize
Track Name: Haha Yeah
they step to me
im like haha yeah
they ball at me
im like haha yeah
bitches fall for me
im like yeah
people fight me
haha yeah


10 bowling my nigga
rules nothing bigger
now drink your drink big swigger
come bowl with youth and vigor

youre playing if you think we mess
bitches dont wear any dress
10 bowling got them on hook and key
this doesnt come for free

they step to me
im like haha yeah
they ball at me
im like haha yeah

guest vocals on the mic
being opressed like a kike
fuck homie get on your bike
were not going gardening
no chess or backgammon
fuck with 10 bowling
give you the one two big slammin'

they step to me
im like haha yeah
they ball at me
im like haha yeah
bitches fall for me
im like yeah
people fight me
haha yeah
Track Name: Underground Bowling
my bowling is crazy
sends a nigga hazey
fuck the alleys mad
listen to me phazey
drinking finest champagne
hanging with the big shots

im truly insane
smash your head
extract the brain
dont mess me
youll end up the same
feel that writhing pain
lift you up
drop you like a crane

this isnt PG 13
no certificate for hate
out here on the street
opening the floodgate
floodgates of your blood
spilled on the road
violence needs no cause
you cross me
of cause

paranoia it hits you like a truck
were all out to get you
oh fuck
you scream out loud
nobody hears you
floating on a cloud

your in too deep
get out
cant get out

find the exit
blocked by the pins
its all too real
the alley always wins

getting too harsh
too full
too mad
strikes flying
you thought it was a fad
bowlings too real

the sport isnt a game
underground will fuck you up
youll never be the same
Track Name: 5
bowling is an art
crazy as it seems
follow me now
bowling at the seams
come with me now
go behind the scenes
see how they bowl
bowling kings and queens
the ball works like their body
like the liver or the spleen
extension of subconcious
the bowling is always keen
Track Name: Cold Blooded Bowler
cold blooded killer
no mercy for a nigga
cold blooded bowler
in and out straight roller
bitches on my dick
shooting till it clicks
nine rounds in your chest
laid a nigga to rest

cold blooded killer
natural painkiller
cold blooded bowler
cracking your molar
strap hidden by my side
last thing a nigga cried

10 bowling fuck how
you ask as you drop
down in the void
like an endless crop
copping a feel
scraping for a meal
orange peel
fucking keep it real
get out of imagination
this is bowling nation
fuck your thoughts
this ten bowlings cohort

the incarnation
of my bowling skill
made the causation
of every kill
fuck those who challenge
the king of me
ruler of the alley
on a bowling spree

caucasian or black
asian or greek
none of the above
im a bowling ball
a rolling bowling
cold blooded nigga
you dont see me creeping
not loud like a digger
jcb power
tear you apart
uproot you from the ground
then crash down like the pound
currency here is strikes
a lot or a few
maybe a few for you
a strike whats that

the richest in the world
my bowls have never curled
not into the gutter
not into the crowd
my ball rolls straight
and the strikes fall loud
Track Name: Cursed House of Bowling
the house locked with solid key
hiding mystery from you and me
ten murders in ten years
the sounds of skittles and screams
on the gates the sigil of bowling
the number signed as 10
what happened all those years ago
will surely happen again

unbeknownst to those outside
people worse than bonnie and clyde
bowled to death down like the pins
in this house you atone for your sins
forgiveness you wont find
only pain and torment
this cursed house of bowling
will be your last lament

tony, dwayne, leeroy, jackson
bowled to death till the final klaxon
jimmy, albert, joseph and zack
it only took one hard wack
robert and nigel
the final two
step foot near 10 bowling
and next will be you
Track Name: P.S.A (ft s.kittles)
bowling for safety dont be alarmed
public safety announcement
strikes being farmed
careful in the alley
its a dangerous place to be
just bowl like my homie
and how dangerous youll see

yes bowl like me
a master you see
PSA for your health
and for your safety
listen very careful
its easy to go wrong
no fighting in the alley
the lanes only so long

you see my homie ten?
he's back at it again
he's flying like a wren
he turns the alley to a fen
nobody can match him.
nobody can catch him
nobody can stop him
rolling along
nobody can slay him
barriers cant stay him
hes the striking rolling bowling king

ive got no fear when im here
the alley is my home
the oppositions pretty queer
instead of bowling they just bone
while ive got my bitches
no such bowling snitches
theyre too scared to
scared of what i might do
i said this is a PSA
to stop you getting hurt
fight 10 bowling any day
my wheels go skrrt

back at it again
gigity bibbity bowling friend
illest rhymes right here
alleys cleaner than your ear
your rapping fucking sucks
mines like chef ramsey cooks
well made porkchop sandwiches
you aint ever had rap like this
fresher than some biscuits
rhymier lemon limier
zest for your music
juice for your mind
stir fried bowling skill
mad man 10 bowling kill

i hope youve been hearing every word he's said
because if you aint your gonna end up dead
but this time no threats no shots to the head
just remember the name 10 bowling instead
finally before we depart its been s.kittles on the mic
and our final message to you is thankyou and goodnight